Singapore Airlines “get creative” in marketing their London A380 flights

As my colleagues at Airline Business have reported, Singapore Airlines are getting ‘touchy feely’ to create some excitement for its first A380 flight from London.

First of all, they have offered the personal touch by creating an area dedicated to personal memories of the A380; an area where people can share photos and thoughts of the A380. This may seem to some aloof organisations as too much work, but in this era of endlessly competing airlines, it seems good business sense to use a more personalised approach to marketing.

The second element of SIA’s marketing strategy comes in competition form and this is where it’s time to get creative. Singapore Airlines are looking for pictures that show a “creative expression” of the airline and London. I’m no Picasso but what do you think?


Somehow I don’t think I’m in for much of a shout!

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