Valentine’s Day kissing madness with Ryanair

Never a company that shies away from publicity, Ryanair attempted to capitalise on the loving feeling of Valentine’s Day with a “snogathon” at Leicester Square in Central London.


/>The very cold cupid and head of Ryanair Communications Peter Sherrard (see above) offered passers-by the chance to gain “free tickets” (taxes apart of course!) to places such as Sardinia and Barcelona, by kissing a partner for 60 seconds. Kissing%20couple.jpgI arrived to find a general lack of willingness for the opportunity. In fact, to our eternal shame, it was the non-English crowd that mainly got involved. From Italians to Americans, they all kissed their way to glory, with one American girl actually asking a random stranger to kiss her for the prize, and one polish couple possibly needing a room after going at it for 3 minutes straight. Feeling a little left out, I left the group to try and trying to convince more couples to share their love. If nothing else, you have to applaud Ryanair for trying!


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  1. Brian Lusk 15 February, 2008 at 1:47 pm #

    Gee, I wonder where Ryanair got the idea for their Cupid. Our Cupid looks better:

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