American Airlines lays into “shabby” Heathrow – again

If you think American Airlines customer services honcho Don Langford’s much-publicised and rather uncharitable comment about London Heathrow’s being the “worst airport in Europe” sounds familiar, then you’re right.

BBC radio broadcast his opinion in this programme today. But he pretty much said the same thing to Parliament’s transport select committee in November last year, when he complained about the shabby state of Terminal 3 and the delays caused by security queues, and accused operator BAA of failing to pay attention to the impression being given to passengers.

“I have to say Heathrow is so bad we have shifted some capacity to [London] Stansted,” he said.

“We have seen…that Heathrow is becoming a less popular transit hub. We are finding that customers are making their transfers at other airports within Europe, and we believe this to be a trend which is continuing.”

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