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PICTURES: Dogfight screenshots from new Bond movie trailer

This blog entry has been written by Flght technical editor Rob Coppinger

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CelebAir: No i’m not joking!!

Sometimes stories come out of the press release ether that are just perfect targets for commentary and scorn. In the last week, we have had Ryanair’s naughty video, and now we have the story about CelebAir, a new ITV2 show where 12 “celebrities” would have to run an airline, dealing with real customers and real […]

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Video sightings galore as UK goes UFO mad!

From Stephen Andrews Remember back in the days when technology was so basic, the thought of the “mobile phone” seemed absurd? Today the proliferation of advanced technology is so great,that even beings which do not have the brain capacity of a human can use them. Ironically the growth of these technologies and the advancement of […]

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Sky Work blows its Q400 no-claims bonus

Well that didn’t take long. Just a couple of months after Switzerland’s Sky Work Airlines took delivery of its brand-new Bombardier Q400, it looks like it’s been scuffed. Swiss aircraft accident investigation bureau BFU has been notified of a tail-strike yesterday involving HB-JGA during an approach to runway 14 at Bern. I don’t speak German but I’ll warrant that ’Heck […]

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Ryanair, You Tube clips, and the most bizarre competition in the world!

What do you do when your CEO’s off-hand remark about oral sex gets caught on camera? Make a competition out of it of course! Ryanair’s press people are used to having to spin everything (as Flight’s staff inboxes can testify) but their heads must have been sore from scratching over Michael O’Leary’s remarks about “Beds […]

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Tour operator Cooks up a new jet

This isn’t a compromise to settle the US Air Force tanker dispute but a curiosity being hosted on the booking engine of Thomas Cook Airlines. So hard to tell them apart these days.

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VSTAR fires back at its critics

This blog post is by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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Emirates A380 to ‘arrive’ at Heathrow in July

  Last year we revealed that an Emirates A380 would be the new advertising tenant on London Heathrow’s former ‘Concorde’ roundabout. And so it has come to pass – at least according to the San Bernadino Sun which says the model, put together by California‘s Penwal Industries, is to be delivered in early July.   […]

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PICTURES: Northrop’s X-47B unmanned combat aircraft system demonstrator #1

This blo post has been written by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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Best aircraft debate and the conclusion of the 100 Greatest vote – why the geek should get the girl!

There are only 8 Days left now in Flight’s 100 Greatest vote and it is fair to say that each category is going to be an extremely close run thing. Although the obvious nominations are popular (Moon Landing, Wright Brothers etc), there is still ample opportunity for some surprises when the final list is revealed […]

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