PICTURES: Dogfight screenshots from new Bond movie trailer


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This screenshot is from the new James Bond 007 movie Quantum of Solace teaser trailer that is to be officially launched on the internet at 1700h BST this evening. The movie is to be released worldwide on 7 November and this image shows Daniel Craig playing the British secret agent flying a Douglas DC-3 Dakota during the movie’s aerial sequence. Click through to the extended portion for more images from the aerial sequence from the trailer


The Douglas DC-3 Dakota appears to have damage to its port engine


This aircraft looks very much like an Alenia Aermachhi SF-260


Bond, flying the Douglas DC-3 in a dogfight with the SF-260, has rounds from the attacking aircraft coming into the cockpit


My colleague, defence editor Craig Hoyle, has spotted that the attacking aircraft firing the rounds into Bond’s Dakota’s cockpit can be seen and actually looks like a Bell Helicopter UH-1 “Huey”

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