Video sightings galore as UK goes UFO mad!

From Stephen Andrews

Remember back in the days when technology was so basic, the thought of the “mobile phone” seemed absurd? Today the proliferation of advanced technology is so great,that even beings which do not have the brain capacity of a human can use them.

Ironically the growth of these technologies and the advancement of flying abilities has only served to increase the levels of UFO spotting, as a recent MOD report indicated. Two recent video sightings however have awoken the British public to the mystery of UFOs!

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On Saturday 7th June 2008, MoD Corporal Mark Proctor claimed to see “13cube shape craft” in the night sky whilst patrolling at Tern HillBarracks near to Market Drayton (see footage from the newly created”UFO” channel on The Sun website, no I’m not making that up!)

“They were zig-zagging from side to side” said Corp. Proctor. BelindaSteele, a spokeswoman for MoD who told reporters that the incident wasinvestigated purely to ensure there was no threat to the barracks. AShropshire couple supported the claim when  they were “followed” whilstnear Shrewsbury, on the A5.

Additionally, in Liverpool, multiple sightings were reported. VincePybis got hold of his phone as soon as he saw a floating lightsuspended high above the bushes, and decided to video whathe could see. Once he started to record, he became conscious that therewas not only one light, but six additional ones to what he had seenbefore.

“I’m a sceptic, I didn’t believe in UFOs. But until you’ve actuallyseen one – well I saw seven – then I thought, they are out there.” saidMr Pybis referring to the incident with typical clarity and judgement!

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  1. Danny 14 December, 2008 at 6:39 am #

    Many UFO sightings these days can be put down to flying lanterns.

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