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Armadillo Aerospace powered Rocket Racer flies

This blog post was produced by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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What the Flight blog really looks like?

 I have found a website called Wordle that generates a “word cloud” from the text and tags that are generated from the blog’s homepage. The bigger the word in the cloud, the more it has been used recently on the blog (click on image to expand):   This is of course completely meaningless but i hope as a bit of […]

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Grand Challenge’s winning Team Stellar’s UAV

This blog post has been written by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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Breaking: Spanair Flight skids off runway at Madrid International Airport

The latest information and facts regarding the Spanair MD-82 crash at Madrid Airport, where the aircraft has skidded off the runway

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PICTURES: UK Ministry of Defence’s Grand Challenge media day

This blog post is written by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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Middlesex University’s Team I-Spy tri-rotor UAV

This blog post was written by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger, who is himself a 1994 graduate of Middlesex University’s engineering faculty

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Qinetiq’s Team Cortex UAV

This blog posting was written by Flight technical editor Rob Coppinger

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Hall 9: the home straight at Airbus Hamburg

This is where single-aisle Airbus construction in Hamburg really starts becoming interesting. Hall 9 houses a line at Finkenwerder where the main sections of the aircraft are brought together for final assembly, a process which begins…     …here at Station 41 where fuselage components arrive for preliminary inspection, and where the checklist covers galleys, lavatories, floor panels, electrical equipment, […]

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Spitfire 70 today

The Supermarine Spitfire entered service with the RAF 70 years ago today.         Flight, which recently celebrated its 100th year in publishing, has reported on this great aircraft since its beginning so here are a few gems from back issues: Spitfire and Concorde vie with London tube map as Britain’s finest designs […]

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Red Bull pilots’ strategy

The race in London this year is just as tricky as any of the other race courses and with the UK’s temperamental weather, the event promises to be an unpredictable one this weekend.     Frank Versteegh, former Red Bull pilot says that the track in London is challenging because of the wind and turbulence […]

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