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VIDEO: Watch a University of Maryland robot bird flap and fly

University of Maryland researchers have performed flight tests to prove that a bird-like micro air vehicle can achieve additional lift by folding its wings on the upstroke, similar to the motions of large birds in nature

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A plug…

It’s nice to get a bit of publicity so whenever gets a mention in the national and international media it’s worth shouting about. It’s good to be recognised for our expertise and in the Chicago Tribune today there’s a glowing profile our own blogger Jon Ostrower with his blog, FlightBlogger.   I won’t regurgitate the information about him because […]

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Centenary of the first powered flight in Britain by SF Cody

American-born kite developer and aviator Samuel Franklin Cody, built the British Army Aeroplane No.1 in 1908 and with it, on this day (16 October) 100 years ago Cody performed the first powered flight in Britain. The flight lasted only 27 seconds and it crashed on landing. Unfortunately Flight’s archives began in 1909 but Flight is marking […]

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Dis-Ilyushined of Domodedovo

Next time you’re sullenly sipping departure-lounge coffee and griping because your flight’s been put back an hour, you might want to be thankful you’re not travelling on Russian domestic carrier Interavia whose live departure board currently looks like this: Of particular interest are the third and fourth columns, respectively displaying scheduled and estimated departure times. You probably don’t need to […]

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Virgin Atlantic Quantum of Solace.jpg

Pictures: More James Bond “Quantum of Solace” images released!

I am not sure whether you have noticed, but here on the Flight blog we have become a tiny bit excited about the new James Bond film; Quantum of Solace. First we offered you the entree of pictures from the DC-3 dog fight from the movie, then we salivated your appetite with the Ocean Sky […]

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Cover your ears, it’s sing-a-long-a-low-cost

Just to show there’s no sacred ground on which budget airlines aren’t prepared to draw battle lines, Ryanair is about to bid for pop-chart glory by backing a single based on its on-board ‘trolley song’.   I’d like to tell you that Mr Superfly is a theme inspired by classical giants, interwoven with delicate harmonies […]

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