A plug…

It’s nice to get a bit of publicity so whenever flightglobal.com gets a mention in the national and international media it’s worth shouting about.

It’s good to be recognised for our expertise and in the Chicago Tribune today there’s a glowing profile our own blogger Jon Ostrower with his blog, FlightBlogger.  

I won’t regurgitate the information about him because the article can tell you all you need to know. And he’s done a good job acknowledging his recognition too…

But over the last year Jon will no doubt have felt he’d been whisked around in a whirlwind as he jetted off far and wide twittering, live blogging and hosting video footage of aircraft interiors at some of the world’s most exciting aviation shows including EAA at Oshkosh where he brought you the first exclusive image of the Martin Jetpack.

And he has even been called upon as an industry expert to discuss aviation safety issues in news programmes like this one…..

He started out writing about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and now he has access to so much more. He brought you news that the Airbus A350 not only had a new nose but also a new wing. 

If you need to know all the latest information on the Boeing strike, the 787 delay and design of the A350 XWB, and more, FlightBlogger’s your man.








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