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Air New Zealand and an echo of Erebus

  Upper: A320, Mediterranean Sea, after ANZ accident 28 November (NZDT) 2008 Lower: DC-10, Mt Erebus, Antarctica, after ANZ accident 28 November (NZDT) 1979   (Lower photo: NZ History)

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VIDEO: Aircraft in emergency landing

We’ve been talking about this video this week. So, being of the mind to share, here it is… Let us know if you’ve ever had to put an aircraft down like this, or if you think the pilot handled this well. Why do you think it happened? What would you do?  

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VIDEO: The “making” of the Ryanair Charity Calendar 2009

Here’s something for the weekend!   Here are some more Ryanair goodies for you…

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Our archive has its uses

We are working hard on making our 210,000 pdf page archive as accessible as possible and as you will appreciate, it’s an ongoing project. It’s good to know that not only is it providing pleasure to those looking for Flight’s coverage of spectacular moments in history, it is also providing a good source for geneaology searches such as in […]

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Breaking: ANZ A320 crashed off France during pre-delivery flight

Seven people were on board an Airbus A320 aircraft, belonging to AirNew Zealand’s Freedom Air, which has crashed off the coast of Franceduring a training flight. Credit: French Frogs Aviation images Read the latest news on Flightglobal Google Maps of coast new Perpignon: View Larger Map

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VIDEO: UAV urban warfare Xbox game

If urban warfare is your thing then this video shows an “community” Xbox game where the player controls what appears to be a ducted fan powered unmanned air vehicle and battles other UAVs from street to street

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Video: Biplane hits cow while airborne…no we are not joking!

Biplane Clips Cow – Watch more Animal Videos (Note: You see the cow about 55 seconds into the video) For all you animal lovers out there, the above video is probably worth giving a miss. The uploader definitely saw the funny side: A cow winds up on the receiving end of this plane. Guess the […]

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Life’s a Beech and then…

As long as the British Airways 777 inquiry is tying up its resources, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch is probably fairly grateful for recent incidents such as the one involving a Beech Baron landing at Guernsey.   Its report starts like this:   The aircraft was for sale, and on the return flight the aircraft commander occupied the right […]

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Steve McQueen’s country club in the sky

Santa Paula is Steve McQueen’s last hometown and it’s paying tribute to its most famous resident with a weekend of aviation activities as well as promoting its Aviation Museum. Steve McQueen’s wife Barbara will be signing copies of Steve McQueen: The Last Mile, a book that captures unique images of the actor who loved vintage aircraft, motorcycles […]

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NASA celebrates 40th anniversary of Apollo 8′s Moon circumnavigation via live TV today

The crew of Apollo 8, who flew to the Moon on Saturn V 40 years ago next month will reunite live on NASA TV today. The prgramme will be broadcast LIVE on on Thursday, Nov. 13, at 1:30 p.m. EST. The show will feature Apollo 8 crew members Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders.   […]

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