Flybys over notable British vessels

As the QE2 sets sail from Southampton today for a life in Dubai met by Emirate’s A380 , I found that Flight recorded other events involving flypasts over notable ships.


QE2 in New York harbour credit Guy Moores.jpg

Picture credit: Guy Moores – QE2 moored at New York Harbour, October 2008

In 1936, Flight ran an advertisement comparing the aerodynamism of the prototype aircraft Airspeed “Envoy” Series II with the “dynamic principles of the ship, the Queen Mary, which it says, earned its name as ‘Queen of the Atlantic’ because of its “economic speed”.

On 2 November 1967 in Flight International’s Straight & Level column we ran an historic picture story about the same flypast over the Queen Mary.  

Flight recorded in its 21 Decmber issue of 1967 how the prototype DC-9-4Q, made its initial flight in November. It is pictured flying over the “Queen Mary” off the coast of Baja California, Mexico.

Flight’s deputy editor Max Kingsley Jones suggested a few other flypasts with a maritime link such as the Red Arrows and Concorde flying past the QE2 among others, but these are not as majestic, so stay-tuned for the next post.

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