Our archive has its uses

We are working hard on making our 210,000 pdf page archive as accessible as possible and as you will appreciate, it’s an ongoing project.

It’s good to know that not only is it providing pleasure to those looking for Flight’s coverage of spectacular moments in history, it is also providing a good source for geneaology searches such as in the case of Ian Haigh, who’s uncle answered a job ad in Flight….

Ian Haigh shares his archive find…

To all involved in the ‘Flight’ Magazine archive.

I wish to record my grateful appreciation of all the hard work carried out by those involved in creating your wonderful free archive of past editions of ‘Flight’ magazine.

Thanks to your efforts I have been able to fill in some of the gaps in the civilian and military history of my late uncle, Flying Officer G. W. Haigh RAFVR.

This includes finding a 1937 advert for a Pilot Instructor required to take over running of the the aerodrome:- Flying Instructor.



This may have been one he responded to which got him his job at the Kuala Lumpur Flying Club in 1937. 

According to an undated newspaper clipping I have from Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, regarding my uncle’s arrival as the first civil-trained instructor, their CFI, Arthur Newark, had recently left and the other two instructors were injured.

I have also been able to find the RAF Service announcements of his promotions:- to Pilot Officer & to Flying Officer and the Roll of Honour listing of his loss:- MIA (missing in action) and KIA (killed in action).

He was the pilot of one of two Blenheim bombers (L8441 & L1414 F/Lt N.D. Lancaster) detailed to attack Japanese barges off the west coast of Malaya on New Year’s Day 1942.

Currently, I’m searching your archives more widely for indirect but relevant background information on items such as aircraft, airfields, Surrey Flying Services (his last firm before emigrating), Croydon (re: the Spanish Civil War – he flew a DH Dragon G-ACDL out to Barcelona in August 1936, a risky business!) and many others.

I have also been able to greatly help another researcher, wanting to find any information on his little known relative, CFI Arthur Newark, by pointing him towards your archive.

As an aside, I have a slightly battered copy of ‘Flight’ magazine No . 2329 Vol. LXIV, Friday, 11 September 1953 with details of the Farnborough show which brings back memories of the family visit made to the show around that time (all the way from North Wales).

Four years ago, I rescued this from an old farmhouse down in North Devon which I have been helping my daughter & family to renovate.

The previous owner of the farmhouse, a 70-year-old batchelor with a love of aeronautics, obviously dreamed – Colditz style – of escaping from the loneliness and hard drudgery of everyday farming and was inspired, in part, by your magazine.

Why? Because in the loft above a 200 year old wooden cider press, we were amazed to find the dusty, worm-riddled remains of the fuselage of a light aircraft he had been attempting to build.

Sadly, it was in too poor a state to recover and, stupidly, I omitted to photograph it.

However, I did rescue his hand-carved propeller and hopefully it will be displayed in the house one day as a tribute to Michael’s dreams.

With many thanks for the Archive and best wishes for the future in an uncertain world.

Ian ‘Zim’ Haigh

P.S. After over 70 years of non-use, the cider press was lovingly restored to working order three years ago.

If you have found anything interesting within the archive that, let’s not put too fine a point on it, dates as far back as 1909, then please email me at barbara.cockburn@flightglobal.com


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  1. Bob Hastings 11 March, 2009 at 9:35 am #

    I have three water colours that I believe were the original art work for covers of Flight Magazine in the early 1960′s.
    They are a VC 10 in BOAC livery. A Valiant and the Buccaneer just as it was going into Squadron service.
    I would be interested in tracing the relevant magazines if they exist or to receive any other comments, thank you.

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