Tipsy Nipper in a spin

A pilot friend who flies a Jodel in his spare time showed me this footage of a Tipsy Nipper light aircraft performing a spin that went wrong.

The pilot of the Tipsy Nipper, known as Youtube user goncstube, planned to perform a normal erect spin to the right, “but”, he says: “for various unintentional reasons the spin went flat, up until that point I had never flat spun an aircraft.

“I eventualy mananged to get the aircraft into a normal erect spin from which I was able to recover.”



“After coming to rest inverted I waited 20mins for the rescue services to come and right the aircraft so I was able to exit via the outward opening canopy.

“The aircraft rotated 26 times total, I was extremely dissorientated after the recovery to straight and level flight, and was unable to read the instruments.”

It seems to be a pretty dangerous stunt and he’s lucky to get out alive.

Do you have a similar experience to share?

How easy is it for a spin to go wrong?


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  1. pratibha gautam 24 May, 2009 at 10:50 am #

    i found this video is outstanding,the way plane was landed is marvelleous and also surprising,even after the failure of engine pilot landed safely.i should say “hat’s off to the pilot” thankyou and take care

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