Updated: US Airways A320 crash lands in the Hudson River

A US Airways Airbus A320 has crash-landed in the Hudson River west ofNew York City after a departure from LaGuardia Airport this afternoon.

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Here are the latest Twitter updates on the Hudson River incident:

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Here is a YouTube video of the aircraft as it floats in the Hudson River:

Here is a Google Maps view of LaGuardia Airport where the US Airways A320 departed from:

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The US Airways A320 incident that crash-landed in the Hudson River yesterday is understandably keeping us busy this morning but here are some more useful links:

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•    Here are profiles of the Airbus A320 and US Airways.

•    Some interesting articles from our Safety and Operations Editor David Learmount regarding the stagnation of airline safety and a review of the last 100 years of safety

•    Incident Watch keeps you updated on the latest aviation incidents

Finally, here is the statement yesterday from Doug Parker, CEO of US Airways:

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One Response to Updated: US Airways A320 crash lands in the Hudson River

  1. Bernard PERILLEUX 19 January, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    Dear Sirs,
    Yes, a really good job that shows the world of aviation how to manage and handle a great but cool stress !
    My comment : It is not true that airlines do not perform flight simulator manoeuvers of his kind. Personnaly, in my airline career
    it has been part of my training on DC.10-30 , DC8′s, B.737 200 / 300, , Airbus A.300 ‘s , Aibus A.310 as we where flying over the Atlantic for 7 to 9 hours between Dakar Senegal and New York JFK.

    It always had been performed successfully. Emergency check-lists are produced and followed with that in mind.
    I am retired since 2002 from Air Afrique with 19.865 hrs of pilot, most of it as PIC. ( FAA ATP N° 1894049 )

    Nevertheless, Captain Sully has to be granted a heroe medal.
    Thank’s for them Captain.

    Best regards,

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