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Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol international airport

Rescuers are attending the scene of a serious accident involving a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft at Amsterdam Schiphol.Amsterdam Schiphol’s operator has confirmed that the aircraft was operating flight TK1951 from Istanbul.Read the initial report on this incident and read our profiles of Turkish Airlines and Boeing 757, which include news,blogs, images and historical archive […]

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On this day in 1989… United Airlines 747 suffers cabin structural failure

Nine people were sucked to their death when part of a United Airlines Boeing 747 fuselage came apart over the sea 20 minutes from takeoff from Honolulu.   US accident investigators are concentrating on the forward cargo door as the possible source of the cabin structural failure suffered by a United Airlines Boeing 747-100. A […]

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Corroded gear behind first SAS Q400 crash

Something that didn’t attract much attention on its release, largely because of the antics taking place on the Hudson River, was the Danish final report into the first of Scandinavian Airlines’ three Q400 landing accidents – captured on video at Aalborg.     You can find all 142 pages of it here, but the abridged […]

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Video: Anchorwoman mispronounces what Northwest Airlines are selling on their flights

For a bit of Friday fun, here is an unfortunate CNN Anchorwoman’s slip of the tongue as she continues to confuse peanuts with something altogether different:

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A very light aircraft flips over

How could a pilot allow this to happen? Or was it unavoidable?

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Flight 006 plunges 30,000ft in 1985

China Airlines Flight 006 operating a Boeing 747 landed safely in San Francisco despite a 30,000 foot plunge over the Pacific Ocean. Here’s a video showing a simulation of what is said to have occured. There was no mention of it in our pdf archive however.

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On this day in 1965 … Lufthansa to be launch customer of Boeing 737

On this day in 1965 Boeing decided to build the 737 short-haul jet, following an order for 21 from Lufthansa. It was the first time that an American aircraft manufacturer had launched a new airliner on the strength of an export order.   Read more and see how Flight reported the story which included a […]

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On this day in 1981… Jack Northrop dies

Flight recorded the death at age 85 of aviation engineer and industrial designer John Knudsen “Jack” Northrop (pictured). Flight said at the time that the aviation world had lost its second pioneer in a month with the death of “Jack” Northrop. The aviation career of John Knudsen Northrop began in 1916 when he worked for […]

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SIA shower 1m A380 customer with lavish gifts

In this picture you see the garland-adorned Royston Pollard and his wife Eileen from Filton, Britsol, UK, proudly clutching a glass of Champagne and it’s not even pub opening time! The Pollards were greeted on 17 February with all this pomp and ceremony because Singapore Airlines was celebrating the fact that Mr Pollard was the SIA A380′s one […]

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Colgan Air Dash 8 Q400 crashes in New York state

A Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 operated by Colgan Air has crashed in New York state. There are no indications of survivors from the 48 passengers and crewon board flight 3407. Continental Airlines states that it hasdispatched representatives to Buffalo to assist with the inquiry. Read the initial report into the incident and listen to edited […]

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