Qantas A380 film can’t be shown

Qantas is only now celebrating the fact the its A380 has arrived at London’s Heathrow, as of 16 January. .

The press office at Qantas in London have been bigging up the launch event for the last month which was held yesterday at the IMAX in London’s Waterloo, so naturally, we at Flightglobal got equally excited and salivated in anticipation of the visual delights that we could produce from it. But how deflated did I feel when I got back to the office.


I videoed the film on the IMAX big screen but Qantas didn’t want me to upload it onto Flightglobal “for legal reasons” which I would like explained to me.

All I could see was that the film was full of the usual marketing guff. You know how it goes: “Qantas is the most experienced airline etc etc.” with some great footage of the airline’s first A380 flying over some fantastic Aussie scenery. But what would have improved the film would have been awesome footage of the aircraft taking off and landing to demonstrate the aircraft’s quietness.  

I cannot share this video with you, and I know you would have loved to have seen it, but alas a silly rule (do correct me if I’m wrong) prevents this. If you want to know what was in the film I can tell you, personally.

I’d like to add that in my opinion the interior of the Qantas A380 interior is wholly uninspiring (sorry designer Marc Newson) when compared with the cabin interiors of the Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airline A380. But will concede that it’s premium economy seating is a first in an A380.

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  1. Layman 18 February, 2009 at 3:13 pm #

    “the interior of the Qantas A380 interior is wholly uninspiring ” – rather diplomatically put. I call it an unmitigated disaster. The interior colour scheme looks awful.

    I look forward to one day flying in an A380 – but I would give it a miss on Quantas.

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