Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol international airport

Rescuers are attending the scene of a serious accident involving a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft at Amsterdam Schiphol.

Amsterdam Schiphol’s operator has confirmed that the aircraft was operating flight TK1951 from Istanbul.

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Credit: PA Photos

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Here is a map of Schiphol International Airport at Amsterdam:

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2 Responses to Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol international airport

  1. Gerald Eastman 27 February, 2009 at 10:53 pm #

    Tragedy, indeed.

    All the more tragic in that the crash may have something to do with the fraud in Boeing QA management that I witnessed and tried to stop on the 737NG Engine Build Up (EBU) production line that I reported to the FAA and Boeing’s Chief Counsel at the time.

    Boeing and the FAA, through their well documented corrupt relationship, chose to cover up and let the fraud continue rather than end it, which resulted in defective G.E./CFMI engines (and other components) being delivered on Boeing 737NG commercial aircraft and their military derivatives. If this traces back to the fraud I tried to stop before more lives were lost, I could say “I told you so,” but all I have now is a feeling of grief over the loss of life in common with the families of the dead and well wishes for those fighting to recover from their injuries.

    That Boeing’s CEO himself made a statement to the public about this crash is reprehensible, as his office’s obstruction of reforms at Boeing may be quite possibly the very reason the crash happened in the first place.

    You can check out more details on my thoughts about this crash and the quite possibly related fraud I witnessed at Boeing related to the Boeing management sanctioned rollerstamping of defective 737NG EBUs at my blog at:


    If this crash is related to that fraud, I can say that I did everything possible to prevent these deaths and injuries. That doesn’t give me any personal peace, however, like maybe it should–it only begets anger at those in Boeing, the Boeing Legal Department, and FAA management that purposely ensured this fraud negating the quality, safety, and reliability of these EBUs (and other “Boeing” airplane components) that quite likely cost these very lives. I have no tolerance for people that put profit over the value of people’s lives. Hopefully soon they will be brought to justice, and the fraud in Boeing QA management will be at long last ended, for the safety of everyone involved.

    Of course, if the cause does not trace back to the fraudulently bought off EBUs, it could still be because of the same fraud in Boeing QA that compromised some other part of the plane. As I witnessed, this fraud is widespread at Boeing and their suppliers, which Boeing intentionally does not oversee well.

    As far as I know, the dead Boeing employees were not involved in any way with the fraud I witnessed in Boeing QA. Even if they were, they didn’t deserve death for such actions. These are the crimes of others at Boeing–they deserve only lengthily prison terms, not death, for their crimes are simply first degree manslaughter, as far as I know.

    Maybe the politicians and authorities will finally act to stop that fraud now that people are quite likely dead and grievously injured because of it.

  2. D.T.Sc. Dvornichenko 16 June, 2009 at 4:17 pm #

    Dear Sir! I want to unite the investigation team for invastigate the air accident with the Turkish Airlines of Boeing -737-800. On my view this accident very close to Heathrow accident U.K. of Boeing 777-236ER on 17 January 2008 year.
    Have the 33-years experience in Civil Aviation.

    Youth Faifully D.T.Sc. Dvornichenko.

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