Ryanair’s choice: Munich or bussed

Contained within Ryanair’s rah-rah about Allgau Airport, its new German gateway at Memmingen, is evidence that Michael O’Leary graduated magna cum laude from the Kiev taxi drivers’ school of distance measurement.

The press blurb for the new Ryanair destination – which it smugly labels ‘Munich West’ – reads as follows:


This surprised certain persons at a somewhat larger airport (think of it as Memmingen East), who felt this figure of 75km was a bit on the generous side.

Sure enough, a brief cartographical consultation shows that the straight-line distance between Allgau and Munich city centre is 100km, and more like 115km if you’re less concerned about travel-as-the-crow-flies than boredom-as-the-bus-drives.

Oddly the latest version of the press statement, tucked away on Ryanair’s website, contains the accurate figure but it must have slipped the airline’s mind to issue a correction after the papers had already run with its earlier ‘fact’.

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  1. Maxl 19 March, 2009 at 4:46 pm #

    Mr O’Leary might have a point, actually, with a bit of poetic license. Memmingen airport is 76km away from Geltendorf railway station, the furthest (or nearest) tentacle of the Munich railway transport system. Bussing people there would even avoid the usual loss of time to traffic jams. Alas, it’s probably not what they had in mind.

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