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VIDEO: Remote controlled aircraft with neon lights

Take a look at this video of a remote controlled aircraft fixed with neon lights. It looks like one could have hours of fun with this, in the dark.  

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VIDEO: Home-built airplane lands on road after engine failure

Two pilots had a lucky escape after safely landing an experimental plane on a roadway after the experiencing engine failure.The incident was caught by professional cameraman Joe Suroweic as the SkyRanger aircraft was heading to Sun and Fun show in Lakeland, Florida: As you can see the piloting was impressive but it was lucky that […]

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VIDEO: Virgin Blue aircraft has near-miss with remote-controlled toy plane

A remote-controlled toy aircraft got a little too close for comfort with the real thing last Friday, as it flew close to a Virgin Blue aircraft near Perth airport. The toy airplane, which if ingested would have presumably caused engine damage, had a video camera attached to the nose, meaning the whole remarkable incident was […]

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On this day in 1918: Red Baron pilot Manfred von Richthofen died in action

Manfred von Richthofen, a German fighter pilot in the First World War known as the “Red Baron” was shot down and killed in a Fokker triplane No. 2,009, with Le Rhone engines, made in Frankfurt the previous month. Flight published pictures of the funeral cortege and in this extract, questioned how the flying “ace” came to […]

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Pet Airways transports pets, obviously

If you hate putting your dog in kennels or cat in a cattery while you go on holiday, here’s a solution. Book a flight for them on Pet Airways. At last a pet airline where pets fly in the main cabin, NOT in cargo and they can meet you at your destination. The airline website says: “When […]

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Video: Ride in the cockpit with Red Bull Air Race pilot Paul Bonhomme

The 2009 Red Bull Air Race World Championships will soon be upon us again, with the mixture of skill and remarkable courage/stupidity beginning this year in Abu Dhabi. To get you in the mood, Red Bull Air Race veteran Paul Bonhomme took to the skies to film this fascinating video, giving some indication on what […]

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BMI babble

If you’re wondering why BMI’s accounts feature big numbers in red ink, there might be a clue in the following mathematical tosh which its budget operation BMIbaby gleefully released today:   BMIbaby has clocked up approximately 165,000,000 million miles of flying in seven years.  This means the airline could have flown round the world 663 times or […]

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Missing issue – World Airlines Directory 1996

We have scanned 210,000 pdf pages which completes our 100 year archive available for free on Flightglobal, however, we are missing the issue dated 27 March 1996 which has the World Airlines Directory. It’s not even to be found in storage in Upper Heyford. If you have a copy, we would be very grateful if […]

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Concorde landing at Fairford.jpg

Concorde in the Flight archives

As the Concorde prototype celebrates its 40th anniversary of its first flight here are some of Concorde’s best moments. Flight has covered Concorde, the supersonic aircraft, from its embryonic stage (between 1956-1962) to the last flight in November 2003 and even the Concorde model on the roundabout being taken down at Heathrow Airport last year.   Flight reported […]

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UPDATE 2: Aviation April Fools’ Day pranks revealed (open thread edition)

Like a shining beacon of truth and honesty (think of Sherlock Holmes mixed with Columbo with a hint of Dick Van Dyke in Diagnosis Murder), the Flightglobal team aims to sniff out and reveal to you the dodgy aviation stories on this famous day of mistrust and intrigue. Taking a leaf out of our very […]

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