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Burt Rutan, first customer for Phenom 100

Private jet broker and management company JetSuite welcomed its first customer, aircraft designer Burt Rutan aboard the first commercial Phenom 100 flight in California yesterday.

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Airbus A300 is 40 today

Airbus celebrates the 40th anniversary of its first aircraft programme the A300 to today. It is also the anniversary of the Franco-German agreement which launched its first ever aircraft programme, the A300.   Picture credit: AirTeamImages/Tobias Rose  The French Minister of Transport, Jean Chamant and the German Minister of Economic Affairs, Karl Schiller, signed an agreement […]

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Etihad sponsors Manchester City FC

Etihad Airways, the Abu Dhabi-based national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has signed a three-year deal to be the official shirt sponsor and partner of Premier League side, Manchester City FC. Pictured above: Etihad Airways cabin crew with (left to right) Sir Howard Bernstein, chief executive of Manchester City Council; Mark Hughes, Manchester City […]

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On this day in 1965: Sir Geoffrey de Havilland died aged 82

Flight recorded the death of Sir Geoffrey de Havilland a week after the event. It wrote: “With the passing of [de Havilland] British aviation loses a name that has been prominent in its annals since the very earliest days.”   Picture credit – Fligthglobal/Barbara Cockburn Continue reading Flight’s report of the death of this aviation pioneer […]

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Crashed BA 777 and SIA A380 turn up on Google Earth

British Airways may have dismantled the Boeing 777-200ER which crashed at London Heathrow in January last year but the aircraft features in the latest update to Google Earth. It’s shown de-identified, with its vertical fin detached, just north of the runway 27L threshold – the scene of the accident – with the damage to its […]

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Parallels: Gossamer Condor and Aurora Flight Science’s SunLight Eagle

Aurora Flight Sciences‘ unmanned aircraft SunLight Eagle flew on 12 May. The solar-powered, 34.7m (114ft) wingspan, 75kg (165lb) UAV became airborne at New Mexico State University’s Physical Science Laboratory Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Test Center at Las Cruces airport. Continue reading… A colleague and I thought this looked similar to the Gossamer Condor? What do you […]

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Imperial War Museum provides testing ground for F1 team

ING Renault F1 team’s aero testing ground is the Imperial War Museum (IWM), Duxford, UK.   Duxford’s runway provides perfect conditions, say those at the IWM, for the ING Renault F1 Team “to carry out its aero tests with its 2009 challenger, the R29, to optimise the aerodynamic package and extract maximum performance from the new aero regulations.” The ING Renault F1 […]

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Zanonia palm inspired German aircraft

In response to Aimee Turner’s post in her Future Proof blog about the hoverfly’s inspiration for an aircraft’s wing… I found a feature in Flight’s PDF archive on the evolution of the Etrich “Taube” monoplane. The article, published in February 1915 explains that the different types of Etrich machines are designated by the names of various birds, “owing […]

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Exhibit ‘A’…er…Colonel Gaddafi’s Airbus

All rise! Fascinating case in play at London’s High Court where a consultant has recruited m’learned friends to wring $10 million in commission from Saudi Arabia, after claiming she was stiffed on an Airbus A340 sale to Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi. Daad Sharab insists she held a phone call with a gentleman who had an Airbus and a Boeing and wanted […]

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VIDEO: Southwest Airlines tyre catches fire on landing

 The passengers of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 had to be evacuated on Tuesday when the tyre caught fire when landing at Houston Airport. The firefighters had to put out the flames as people were being removed from the aircraft through the emergency shute but nobody sustained any injury

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