Airbus A300 is 40 today

Airbus celebrates the 40th anniversary of its first aircraft programme the A300 to today. It is also the anniversary of the Franco-German agreement which launched its first ever aircraft programme, the A300.



Picture credit: AirTeamImages/Tobias Rose 

The French Minister of Transport, Jean Chamant and the German Minister of Economic Affairs, Karl Schiller, signed an agreement for the joint-development of the A300 aircraft, a first European twin-aisle twin-engine aircraft for medium-haul air travel during the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

Tom Enders, Airbus President and CEO in a statement said: “40 years ago the commercial jet aircraft market was entirely dominated by the US industry. Giving the go-ahead for the A300 was a bold strategic decision.

“The pioneering spirit of our engineers as well as Airbus’ continuous strive for innovation and international cooperation have made us a global market leader and at the same time a symbol for successful European cooperation. ┬źNew standards. Together┬╗ – this is our guiding principle and from now on our new tagline that will keep us ahead”.

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