Exhibit ‘A’…er…Colonel Gaddafi’s Airbus

All rise! Fascinating case in play at London’s High Court where a consultant has recruited m’learned friends to wring $10 million in commission from Saudi Arabia, after claiming she was stiffed on an Airbus A340 sale to Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi.

Daad Sharab insists she held a phone call with a gentleman who had an Airbus and a Boeing and wanted to sell one of them – and that he would pay commission for “effecting an introduction” to Gaddafi and arranging a deal.

Gaddafi, it seems, took a liking to the Airbus and the court heard that a deal was arranged whereby Sharab would be able to keep the balance if she negotiated a price above $110 million. Since the Libyans eventually agreed to cough up $120 million, Sharab is chasing a fair-sized cheque, but the chap flogging the aircraft denies he owes the lady a bean.

Given that this fellow is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, purchaser of the world’s only private A380 and number 22 on the Forbes rich list, doubtless there are a few by-the-hour lawyers hoping this saga will churn through the legal system at geological speeds.

(If you’re reading this, Colonel, the case notes are here, and pay attention to paragraph 12.)

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