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Nixon Quotes from Apollo 11 Arrival

When the Apollo 11 astronauts arrived on the USS Hornet, US President Richard Nixon was on hand to greet them–and say some quirky remarks.With the help of Apollo 11 transcripts, here are some of his quotes.After saying he spoke to the astronauts’ wives: And also, I’ve got to let you in on a little secret […]

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Old Timetables, Ads, Maps Oh My! has a great collection of old timetables, airline advertisements, airport terminal maps and statistics (like the number of weekly departures Pan Am had from JFK between 1979 and 1991).The site primarily covers aviation from the US but it’s still a great look back. (Air Florida ad)

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NY Times Retracts 1920 Article Saying Spaceflight Impossible

It’s always good to set the record straight, even if it’s embarrassing.On 17 July 1969, the day after Apollo 11′s launch, the New York Times issued this correction over a 1920 story it ran saying spaceflight is impossible. [via @mathewi on Twitter]

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New Reality Show: Aircraft Repo Man

When times are bad, repo men benefit. When times are really bad, repo men benefit and turn their job into a TV show.From Variety: “Dirty Jobs” exec producer Craig Piligian has nabbed the rights to turn the dangerous work of airplane repo man Nick Popovich into a TV series. Popovich is the co-partner of Sage-Popovich, […]

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LAX Parking Lot Home to Airline Employees

Aviation’s glory days are clearly gone.The LA Times ran this great article on airline and airport employees who live in a LAX parking lot to save money and for ease of convenicne.Also check out their pheneonmal slideshow. For about 15 days a month, Alaska Airlines pilot Jim Lancaster lives in a motor home in Parking […]

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17 Year-Old Convinces Airport of Fake Airline

Who said starting an airline was hard? If you haven’t seen this article yet, definitely give it a read. A TEENAGE boy from Yorkshire succeeded in persuading British aviation executives that he was a tycoon about to launch his own airline. Using the pseudonym Adam Tait, the smooth-talking 17-year-old told airport and airline executives that […]

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Virgin Blue’s Hyundai-Like Guarantee

Australia’s Virgin Blue has taken a page from Korean automaker Hyundai by offering to refund passengers’ tickets if they lose their job.Last year Hyundai began experimenting with its ‘Hyundai Promise’, a scheme that would let buyers return newly-purchased vehicles if they lost their jobs or had a drop in their income.From Virgin Blue: The airline’s […]

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Video: Air France A380 revealed at the Airbus facility

On July 8th, Air France unveiled its newly painted Airbus A380 to an excited public. Here is the video from that unveiling:

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Apollo’s Legacy is Hurting NASA

This post was written by Will Horton, Flight’s Washington, D.C. internToday, you will undoubtedly hear multiple times, is the fortieth anniversary of when man walked on a celestial body other than our own–the Moon. It was a grand feat, but one question still looms in the minds of some of the foremost individuals involved in […]

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Apollo 11 @ 40 Competition – win a signed cutaway of the Apollo Command Module

This Monday is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing, and to celebrate this iconic event,we are offering you the chance to win a signed technical cutaway of the Apollo Command Module. To win this very special prize, all you have to do is use the each letter of the word APOLLO to create […]

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