Ashton Kutcher, Twitter and Airbus bashing

Ashton Kutcher; Hollywood actor, comic, prankster and now it seems, aviation safety expert.

After hearing the advice of a 30 year veteran pilot who he doesn’t name, Ashton, a very popular and high profile celebrity user of Twitter, tweeted to his 2.5 million followers the following advice:

A 30 year vetran pilot recommended 2 me that I dont ride on an airbus until they prove that the composite tail is not creating ths accidents

Explaining why he would tweet something to his sizeable audience, he further tweeted:

Im not a big fear person I just felt it would be neglegent to not share RT @FrenchysLady: way to put any nerves into flying at all LOL

Dubious syntax and spelling aside, Ashton’s comments won’t be the biggest issue that Airbus faces, as it tries to investigate some real recent tragedies, but besmirching your safety record to 2.5 million people who use your aircraft daily must be of slight concern.

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One Response to Ashton Kutcher, Twitter and Airbus bashing

  1. Philippe CAUCHI 7 July, 2009 at 2:44 am #

    I am very glad to read Ashton Kutcher comment on Airbus airplanes.

    Me too, I never fly on Airbus airplane for security and political reasons.

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