Safety Videos Get Cheeky

By now you have probably seen the much-talked-about (with 4 million hits on YouTube) Air New Zealand safety video performed by real Air NZ staffers wearing nothing but body paint.

(Apparently we liked it so much we posted it on both the Unusual Attitude and Asian Skies blogs.)

The latest cheeky safety video comes from Thomson Airways in the UK and is narrated entirely by children pretending to be the flight attendants.

But the Thomson video is not all fun and giggles. As Travel Daily News reports:

Conducting its own research into the merits of the new and improved safety video, Thomson found that there was a:

- 15% increase in the number of passengers who paid full attention to the video;

- 66% increase in the number of passengers who felt that the new film made them feel more safe;

- 333% growth in the number of passengers who engaged with the video; and

- 91% increase in the number of children under the age of 12 who watched the entire video until the end.

On a related note, there is an article somewhere on the internet with a quote from Sir Richard Branson saying how Virgin Atlantic had to fight UK regulators to let it use an animated safety video. Virgin claims animated (and witty) safety videos hold passengers’ attention better. Does anyone else remember this article?

These safety videos are fun to watch, but as a passenger do you think you would find yourself paying closer attention to the safety procedures, or would you be distracted?

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4 Responses to Safety Videos Get Cheeky

  1. Marco van Lieshout 14 July, 2009 at 7:46 am #

    I’ve worked for over ten years in the airline business and am still amazed about the boring and totally unimaginable way o/b safety is handled. I NEVER watch or listen, although I realize it’s about my safety. But both the “show” by stewardesses, as well as the onboard safety movies are just too slow and stupid to get me to pay attention. Most worrisome is that in the end most companies use it as some kind of commercial for their wonderful brand of airline (who cares, it’s just a bus taking you somewhere?).

    Now make this safety demonstration personal and witty and I will watch and pay attention. All in all it’s like TV commercials: we all walk away to get a new drink, unless the commercial is funny or really interesting.

    Knowing the airline business, it will take years to get of the old fashioned track. But then again, most of them have never thought from the perspective of the customer.

  2. Uwe 14 July, 2009 at 5:06 pm #

    Too late ;-)

    Citroen used this for it’s Berlingo Spacelight commercial
    ~1999/2000 to show off the features.
    Little waif in diapers and chic stewardess cap.

    ( sorry, can’t find a link to a video )


  3. Barbara Cockburn 15 July, 2009 at 4:24 pm #

    @Marco Would the Air NZ and Thomson videos keep your attention, or do you think safety videos need to be even more interesting?

    @Uwe Sounds cute! Let me know if you find the link.

    @Daniel I was on one flight where the flight attendant joked in the briefing about the rudimentary seatbelt procedure: “For those of you who haven’t been in a vehicle since 1969, this is the way we fasten our seatbelt!”

  4. Barbara Cockburn 23 July, 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    Thanks, Fabien. That’s a pretty funny piece you found!

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