Virgin Blue’s Hyundai-Like Guarantee

Australia’s Virgin Blue has taken a page from Korean automaker Hyundai by offering to refund passengers’ tickets if they lose their job.

Last year Hyundai began experimenting with its ‘Hyundai Promise’, a scheme that would let buyers return newly-purchased vehicles if they lost their jobs or had a drop in their income.

From Virgin Blue:

The airline’s ‘Redundancy Refund’ Promise is designed to make life a little easier for Guests who have lost their jobs, but who have future flights booked with Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue or V Australia that they may not wish to continue with or are now financially unable to take.

Travellers who wish to apply for Virgin Blue’s ‘Redundancy Refund’, which is effective from today, must:

· have been made involuntarily redundant from a full time role after 19 June 2009 and be able to provide a letter from their employer confirming the redundancy details

· be aged 16 years or over

· make an application for a refund within 30 days of the involuntary redundancy taking affect

· make an application for a refund at least 14 days before the date of departure

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