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Olympic ends its ‘infrequent flyer’ programme

Too early to say, of course, whether creation of Olympic Air will be the relaunch that ends all relaunches for the Greek flag-carrier (and they’re running out of names if it isn’t). But one improvement, surely, is the scrapping of the daft frequent-flyer brand ‘Icarus’.   I mean, for Pete’s sake.  

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VIDEO: 61 hours of Twitter air travel

This cool video visualisation uses Twitter to plot the journey of travellers over a certain period of time.The video plots on a map tweets that contain the phrases ‘just landed in…’ or ‘just arrived in…’. A location tool then locates where that Tweet was sent from and matches it to the location that the Tweeter […]

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From the Middle East to Middle-Earth

  This Gulf Air disclosure of five new Iraqi routes was followed by plenty of obliging coverage in the local (and not-so-local) press, much of which didn’t really care that one of the destinations doesn’t exist*.   Call it a best guess but we suspect that Gulf Air will actually be flying here.     […]

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Real or fake? Fly low fighter jet and no flinching

So many questions arise from this video. It can’t be real. Can it? There’s no dust. And anyway, which aircraft is it? Some say it’s a Mirage, others say a Harrier, and a Super Hornet is another suggestion. Let us know your thoughts….

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Tolmachevo: a couple of important points

“Ignoring or refusing to print the letter ‘Ë’ would mean a violation of federal laws on Russian state language,” says the operator of Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo Airport, with a gravity that suggests persistent spelling offenders can expect a few years’ hard labour in a Siberian pit.   In a sort of penance for International Literacy Day, […]

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VIDEO: Vintage Victor bomber accidently takes off at Open Day

A Handley Page Victor bomber aptly nicknamed “Teasin’ Tina” gave shocked onlookers more than they bargained for when it accidently took off during the Cold War Jets day at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome. The Cold War bomber apparently took off as the co-pilot (who was an engineer and not a pilot, cue the “engineers can never be […]

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Let me introduce you to Stefan the Pilot

I’d like to introduce you to Stefan the Pilot. He loves everything to do with aviation and as you can see, he fancies himself as a bit of a lady’s man.   He tells me that apart from the ladies, my other loves are travelling about the globe. So much so, he’s currently on a whistlestop tour of 2009′s Autumn/Winter aviation highlights […]

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Take some snaps of Exercise Flying Rhino over Northumberland

Foreign fighter aircraft can be spotted flying over the Northumberland countryside over the next few weeks. US Air Force F15E Eagles are joining UK forces for Exercise Flying Rhino which is a small-scale Close Air Support exercise for 1 (UK) Armoured Division. The exercises have an essential part to play in Forward Air Controller training and qualification. […]

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Video: Boeing 747-200F vs Porsche 911 GT3 in a drag race

Although not in one of my all time must see races (number one at the moment would be Usain Bolt against a Cheetah vs a Sea Lion  in a 100 metre dash) this one was certainly entertaining.Organised by the Changi Airport Group to celebrate the start of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix season, the event […]

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WIN a first class trip to celebrate New Year in Sydney

Have you ever wanted to spend New Year in Sydney and watch the spectacular firework display? Etihad Airways is offering one winner the opportunity of a lifetime to experience Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, a prize worth £10,000. The overall prize includes: Two return Diamond First Class flights with Etihad Airways. Seven nights’ accommodation in a […]

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