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On the bright side, that squealing noise has stopped

There are several moments in Russian air transport I’d like personally to have witnessed, but right now I’d settle for the 30 seconds in the cockpit which immediately followed this conversation:   Kaliningrad air traffic control: “794…can you taxi independently to the apron?”   KD-Avia flight 794: “Yes, we can.”   The transcript features on […]

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PICTURE & VIDEO: IAI unveils Mosquito UAV for ground support concept

Israel Aerospace Industries has unveiled what it believes to be a unique combination using hand-launched unmanned air vehicles and autonomous surface-to-surface missiles to provide fire support for ground forces. The company released details of its Mosquito UAV and Jumper vertically launched missile system on 2 September. Continue reading… Check out this video of a Mosquito […]

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On this day in 1939: Britain declared war on Germany

70 years ago today Britain declared war on Germany. Flight recorded the event of course, by saying in its editorial on it’s front page: “The complete suppression of Czechoslovakia followed as a matter of course, and other examples of Nazi bullying have succeeded. The time had to come when Britain and France must make a […]

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