Etihad’s First Emirati Female Pilot Graduates

Last month on the Image of the Day blog you might have read that Etihad’s 100th cadet pilot was an Emirati female. She was also the sixth female Emirati cadet pilot, and eighth female overall to join the programme.

Today we hear from the Abu Dhabi carrier that its firstfemale Emirati cadet pilots, Salma Al-Baloushi and Aisha Al-Mansouri,have successfully graduated from flight training alongside nine malecolleagues and gained their airline transport pilot licence (ATPL).

Etihad - cadet pilot 3.jpgEtihad Airways’ firstfemale Emirati cadet pilots Aisha Al-Mansouri (left) and SalmaAl-Baloushi (right) celebrate graduating from flight school.

In a statement, Etihad said:

The cadet pilots, Etihad’s second group tograduate, were conferred with their flying wings in a ceremony at theairline’s training academy which was attended by family and friends aswell as senior management from Etihad Airways and the HorizonInternational Flight Academy.

Joining Salma and Aisha to receive theirwings were Ali Al Farsi, Ahmed Balalaa, Ibrahim Sanqoor, Khalid Al Ali,Mohamed Al Kaabi, Khalid Al Marzouqi, Khalil Amiri, Abdalla Balkhasharand Hasan Abdulla.

James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ chief executive,said: “Everyone at Etihad is delighted that Salma and Aisha – our firstfemale cadet pilots – have made history as the first women to graduatefrom the programme.

“Salma and Aisha are a key part of Etihad’sexpanding female pilot community and we wish them, as well as theirmale colleagues, the best of luck as they enter the next phase of theircareers with Etihad.”

The cadets started the pilot programme course in September 2007 and now have the rank of second officers at Etihad Airways.

As second officers the pilots will undertakea multi-crew co-operation course and an Airbus A320 type conversioncourse which will enable them to fly as co-pilots on the Etihad AirwaysAirbus A320 short haul fleet.

The cadet pilots will spend much of the timeduring the type conversion course in Etihad’s A320 full-flightsimulator as well as training in the development of non-technicalskills applicable to working in a multi-crew environment. Afterapproximately six months they complete their final checks and willqualify as A320 first officers.

In order to gain the frozen ATPL the cadetpilots had to complete 750 hours of classroom tuition and 205 hours offlight training in single and multi-engine aircraft. During this timethey all passed the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority’s theoreticalknowledge and flying exams.

Etihad Airways recently welcomed the 100thcadet pilot to its innovative and expanding flying programme. ShareefaAl Bloushi is a member of Etihad’s tenth group of cadets. She is alsothe sixth female Emirati cadet pilot to join the programme, and eighthfemale overall.

In addition to the cadet pilot programme,Etihad Airways’ Emiratisation initiatives focus on two other streamswhich include the technical engineering development programme andgraduate management development programme.

Etihad now also has two international cadetpilot courses which run alongside the five Emirati courses at HorizonAcademy. The two groups contain 24 cadet pilots from countries aroundthe world including Hungary, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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  1. Aarti Shesh 12 November, 2009 at 11:13 am #

    its gr8 to see women pilots….one day i’ll fly along with them.

  2. Bettina 4 September, 2011 at 2:30 am #

    I live in Brazil and I’m in the private pilot course (I’m 17).
    I recieve a lot of machist comments from some of my 13 male classmates. But I guarantee myself as being the best student of the classroom, “slapping these machists faces”.

    These women give me strongness to keep my head up. If they succeded being a pilot in a muslim country (ok, uae is kind of a exception, more ocidentalized, but still muslim)I can seucced too. And I’m going to be the best one.

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