easyJet Withdraws In-Flight Magazine After Holocaust Photo Shoot

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As reported by the New Statesman, easyJet is withdrawing its in-flight magazine easyJet Traveller for the month.

The latest issue of the in-flight magazine featured two unsanctionedphotographs of models posing in designer clothes among the famousconcrete blocks of the “Field of Stelae”, Germany’s foremost memorialto commemorate the six million Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide.

The magazine did not seek permission from the Foundation Memorial tothe Murdered Jews of Europe, which only became aware that thephotographs existed when contacted by the New Statesman yesterday.

Ina statement, the Memorial’s director, Uwe Neumärker, said it “grantspermissions only to projects which are related to the memorial, theHolocaust or some aspect of commemoration.”

“The Foundation Memorial does not support commercial shoots, and fashion photography is considered to fall into this category.”

EasyJet outsources its in-flight magazine to publisher Ink, which boasts it publishes “more inflight magazines for more airlines than any other publisher in the world”. It also publishes the in-flight magazine for AirTran, Gulf Air, and Jetstar, amongst others.

Ignoring lapses of oversight at many levels, the more curious question is: what was the photographer thinking having a photo shoot at the memorial?

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