Eurofighter Typhoon shot by Spartan over desert in UAE

Sorry, that was a lie to lure you here. Thankfully a Eurofighter Typhoon wasn’t shot [down] by troops in an Alenia Aeronautica Spartan C-27J transport vehicle over the UAE desert.

The team at Eurofighter wanted some video footage of the fighter jet performing some manoeuvres over the desert in the UAE. And Flightglobal can rightly boast about going behind the scenes of the industry as I took my place in the jumpseat of the Spartan in place of RunwayGirl Mary Kirby who was unable to attend, so that I could record some footage of the event. And this is the result…

Before meeting up with the Eurofighter in the desert, Marco Venanzetti, Alenia Aeronautica’s chief of flight operations showed me what the transport aircraft was capable of. If you’ve seen it perform an aerial display at any of the great air shows then you’ll know it’s able to go up and under and round before levelling again.

I was told later that Marco was “showing off because there was a lady present”. I have a message for Marco: “You truly turned my world upside down.”

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2 Responses to Eurofighter Typhoon shot by Spartan over desert in UAE

  1. Henry 27 November, 2009 at 7:41 pm #

    “You truly turned my world upside down.”

    That’s what usually happens when pilots meet girls :)

  2. Tom 5 December, 2009 at 4:52 pm #

    I was at the Dubai Air Show in 2007 and saw the Spartan put on a show there it is a very impressive performer, a ride on it doing its acrobatics display would be a solid blast!

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