Ryanair: We’ll Overtake British Airways

Out of London this morning is Michael O’Leary’s proclamation (no, not about needing a better deal from Boeing on more 737s, and no, not the BBC documentary was biased) that Ryanair could overtake British Airways as the largest domestic British carrier.

(It was at this point O’Leary qualified his statement, saying that would occur only if the carrier could obtain more favorable rates on new 737s.)

Ryanair’s headline-grabbing tactics aside, Ryanair will very likely overtake BA. This decade has seen the shift of low-cost and secondary carriers overtake their legacy counterparts. In Australia, Virgin Blue (which is a “new world airline”, not a LCC) offers more domestic flights than Qantas, the country’s dearly-held carrier.

In America, LCCs like Southwest and jetBlue have become traveler’s carrier of choice. In the next decade, we’ll likely see this trend continue.

For once, Michael O’Leary wasn’t all about hot air.


2 Responses to Ryanair: We’ll Overtake British Airways

  1. Roman 3 November, 2009 at 8:53 am #

    For sure Ryanair’s growth is amazing, but there are still some questions about its business model I think, very successful but seems to be weaker and more risky than any other.

  2. Cheap Flights 18 November, 2009 at 8:39 am #

    It’s no secret that Ryanair has translated their “Customers Suck” philosophy into one quarter of breakout profits after another.Ryanair has been trending upwards almost since Day 1, proving that people will happily give up their dignity if they think they can save a few dollars (even when they’re wrong).

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