TWEEK: Twitter Week

After a bit of a delay, here’s what was popular over the last week on Twitter.

The story of the errant Northwest A320 was still on the minds of the Twitterati with our story of FAA Administrator Babbitt defends revoking licenses of Northwest laptop pilots

Safety concerns continued with No survivors as Il-76 crashes in eastern Russia

and two more articles:

Rockwell Collins: New avionics for a safer runway

Sleep cycle factors strongly in new ALPA pilot fatigue policy: Natural circadian rhythms factor strong

In-flight entertainment and connectivity proved to still be a hot topic with this article drawing attention:

Boeing ranks the cost of new commercial jet subsystems: #1 engines; #2 in-flight entertainment

Out of London was the news BA is considering one-cabin only short-haul flights from Gatwick

In the US, one hot topic was NASA’s decision to fund Boeing for open rotor noise study

Last week was the Star Mega DO, the largest-ever gathering of frequent flyers. Holding various Star Alliance frequent flyer memberships, the group stopped by Chicago, Newark, Frankfurt, Oslo, and Toulouse. On their journey they visited the offices of United, Continental, Lufthansa, SAS, and Airbus. In Oslo, user nickpiggott Tweeted, flight attendants sang on an aircraft wing inside a hangar while the snow fell outside. For more, search for the tag #starmegado.


Also last week was the first flight of the A330-200F, and the Twitterati were keen to see photos of the first flight.

On the topic of social media, a shout out goes to Simpliflying’s Shashank Nigam, who was awarded the Global Brand Leadership Award for airline branding.

Finally, what would a week be if Ryanair wasn’t in the news? Ryanair received lots of attention with its pressuring of Boeing and threat to cancel 737 orders.

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