UK Royal Family Chooses VIP S76 Sikorsky Helicopter

SIKORSKY-S76 cutaway.jpgCutaway of the S76. (More cutaways here.)

From a Sikorsky statement:

Sikorsky GlobalHelicopters, a business unit of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., has delivered a newVIP S-76C++™ helicopter to the Royal Travel Office for use by the RoyalHousehold of the United Kingdom. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of UnitedTechnologies Corp.

Sikorsky has providedhelicopters to support the Royal Family since the early 1950′s, includingthe R4, S-51, S-55, S-58, S-58T, S-76B and the S-76C+ helicopters. The newS76C++ helicopter entered service in September.

“The new S76C++helicopter will continue to provide the Royal Family with a high quality andefficient helicopter travel service,” said Captain Christopher Pittaway,Manager and Chief Pilot of The Queen’s Helicopter Flight. “It mostclosely meets the mission requirements by providing a quiet and comfortablecabin environment, low carbon footprint and best value for money.  We haveenjoyed excellent product support from Sikorsky over many years and I lookforward to a continued relationship.”  

Carey Bond, President,Sikorsky Global Helicopters, said: “The S-76C++ helicopter hasdistinguished itself by its quality, safety, performance and style as anaircraft of choice for VVIP transport. We are honored that the Royal Family andso many others entrust their safety and comfort to us.”  

 The S-76C++ helicopterfeatures engine, air vehicle, interior and avionics upgrades.  Theseinclude a more powerful Turbomeca Arriel 2S2 Engine, an inlet barrier filter toprotect the engine against erosion and environmental contaminants, a new VIPinterior, a new optional Health and Usage Monitoring System and a quiet maingearbox using Quiet Zone™ technology that significantly reduces interiornoise levels without any weight maintenance penalties.

The S-76® helicopterserves a multi-mission role that includes offshore oil transport, VIPtransport, including head of state, emergency medical transport, search andrescue and civil defense. The S-76C++ helicopter was initially certified by theU.S. Federal Aviation Administration in January 2006.  More recently, itwas certified for unconstrained operations in extreme snowy conditions. TheEuropean Aviation Safety Agency certified the type design in July 2006,allowing for the export of the S-76C++ helicopter to all European Unioncountries.

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  1. keith jenkins 20 December, 2009 at 9:41 pm #

    They must have been happy with the one I facilitated for them 20yrs ago with air hanson despite the tedious gearbox problems!

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