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2009: A Review of the Year’s Anniversaries

This past year saw some significant anniversaries for aviation.It was the 100th anniversary of Louis BlĂ©riot becoming the first person to cross a ‘large body of water’ in a ‘heavier than air’ aircraft.Also celebrating its 100th anniversary was the Paris Air Show, which Flightglobal covered in full force.On the topic of 100th anniversaries, Flight International, […]

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2009: A Year in First Flights

    … And rollouts…. This year saw the impressive feat of Gulfstream rolling out two aircraft its G250 and G650 in two weeks.For more information, see how we covered the events here: G250 G650 Virgin Galactic rolls out VSS Enterprise Nascent suborbital space ride company Virgin Galactic unveiled its six-passenger prototype, the VSS Enterprise, […]

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First Flights in 2009

What a year it has been for first flights! Amongst other first flights we had the EC175, G250, G650, A400M (finally), and Boeing 787 (finally!)For more information of these historical events, check out our coverage here: EC175 G250 G650 A400M B787  Flightglobal also reported on the second Boeing 787′s first flight a few days following […]

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New Security Rules, New Question: Can I Wear the Slanket?

In the wake of last week’s attempted terrorist attack on a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, the TSA implemented heightened security regulations. (The regulations expire on 30 December but could be renewed.)Regulations of note: 2. Passenger access to carry-on baggage is prohibited beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.3. Disable aircraft-integrated passenger communications […]

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American Airlines, Virgin America Help Chihuahua Exodus

With the launch this year of Pet Airways and jetBlue giving frequent flyer points and other goodies to its animal customers, aviation has been kind to the animal world. (Well, perhaps except for when US Airways shipped a corpse to a pet shop.)Now there’s news of American Airlines and Virgin America providing space for a […]

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Gogo Santa Sleigh

Gogo Installs Wifi on Santa’s Sleigh

Readers of the blog will have heard how GE upgraded Santa’s sleigh. You may have heard Santa’s flights were given more efficient air traffic routes (seriously).But did you hear about how Gogo is installing wifi for the sleigh?Our own Mary “Runway Girl” Kirby reports on this cheeky holiday card from in-flight wireless provider Gogo. Little […]

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Ryanair B737

Lunch with Michael O’Leary

AirSpace user jetjockey2 The Financial Times has this hilarious article about a recent lunch with Michael O’Leary. Lunch was a bagel wrapped in plastic–and that’s only the beginning.The FT article coincides nicely with the current profile on O’Leary in Flightglobal publication Airline Business.It’s interesting to read about Ryanair’s CEO in a setting where he isn’t […]

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Santa Traded Red for Green

You may not have noticed, but this past Christmas Santa went green. No, his outfit was still red but his flights took advantage of improved air traffic routing, a token contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.From a press release from Avinor airport group: The annual Santa Clausflights to Rovaniemi, Finland, from the UK will be allotted […]

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large passenger

2009 in review: Top 10 blog posts revealed

Flightglobal’s brilliant team of bloggers have traversed the globe this year to bring you all you need to know in the aviation world, and although the sun is quickly setting on another year, we felt it was fitting to celebrate the best stories from 2009. From the Beast of Kandahar, to Ryanair calendar girls, 787 […]

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Passenger Flies To Avoid Christmas Celebrations

Flying today–Christmas day–may be the most dreaded day for airline passengers (except those on El Al), but one passenger purposefully flies on Christmas to avoid having to spend time with family. You can read his confession here at the New York Times. The year my “fly by lie” plan became an unintentional epic was when […]

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