American Airlines, Virgin America Help Chihuahua Exodus

With the launch this year of Pet Airways and jetBlue giving frequent flyer points and other goodies to its animal customers, aviation has been kind to the animal world. (Well, perhaps except for when US Airways shipped a corpse to a pet shop.)

Now there’s news of American Airlines and Virgin America providing space for a West Coast glut of abandoned Chihuahua dogs to hopefully be adopted elsewhere in the United States.

The AP reports:

Virgin America will be flying a group ofChihuahuas to New York City from San Francisco on Tuesday, said GailBuchwald, senior vice president overseeing the ASPCA adoption center inNew York City.

They will be processed and should be available for adoption on Dec. 29, she said.

Buchwaldsaid she didn’t know how many to expect, but each dog will be escortedby a volunteer and Virgin will provide travel for both dogs and humans.

The Chihuahua crisis in California developedas Hollywood featured the dogs in movies like “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”and “Legally Blonde,” they became constant companions to the rich andfamous, backyard breeders saw a chance to make hundreds of dollars adog and the recession forced some dog owners to abandon their pets.

California shelters soon found that Chihuahuas made up 30 percent or more of their dog populations

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