Gogo Installs Wifi on Santa’s Sleigh

Readers of the blog will have heard how GE upgraded Santa’s sleigh. You may have heard Santa’s flights were given more efficient air traffic routes (seriously).

But did you hear about how Gogo is installing wifi for the sleigh?

Our own Mary “Runway Girl” Kirby reports on this cheeky holiday card from in-flight wireless provider Gogo.

Gogo Santa Sleigh

Little St. Nick just received a big upgrade, making it easier than everfor Santa Claus to come to town. Thanks to a recent Gogo InflightInternet installation, Santa’s sleigh will be equipped with the samespeedy Internet service that thousands of travelers use every day.

Citingprevious communication delays with both the elves and Mrs. Claus, Santaput in a request this year for a Christmas present of his own: to equiphis sleigh with Inflight Internet. The elves went to work, partneringwith Aircell – the leading provider of inflight connectivity andcreator of Gogo Inflight Internet – to ready Santa’s sleigh for thisyear’s trip.

The sleigh was Gogo-equipped after just oneovernight at the workshop.  “I was impressed with the speedyinstallation, although I can get quite a lot done in one night aswell,” said Santa with a wink in his eye.


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