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VIDEO: Profile – Orbis Flying Eye Hospital’s DC-10

I caught up with the team onboard the Orbis Flying Eye. Here is Orbis’s medical director Dr Cherwek talking about the merits of its DC-10.   See also a great feature on the work of Orbis in Mary Kirby’s feature which includes information about the Flying Eye Hospital’s new aircraft, an MD-11.

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Santa’s Sleigh Gets Aviation-Style Improvements

OK, it may not yet FAA/CAA certified, but Santa’s sleigh is getting some upgrades courtesy of GE.The upgrades are similar to developments we’ve seen in civil aircraft over the past few years. The sleigh features LEDs and carbon composites.Go here for the complete guide to the improvements so when you hear thumping on your roof […]

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Your New Flight Attendant: Richard Branson or Tony Fernandes

To promote their new Formula One racing teams, airline tycoons Sir Richard Branson of Virgin and Tony Fernandes of AirAsia have made quite the unusual bet.They are each a principal sponsor of F1, and the loser in a stakes race will have to dress up as a flight attendant and serve passengers on the winner’s […]

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Calendar Celebrates Female Contributions to Aviation

We recently highlighted different aviation-themed calendars but just heard about this unique calendar.This day-by-day calendar highlight’s the contribution of women “in the decidedly man’s world of aviation”, a press release says.Here’s some more info: Entries span three centuries–from balloonists of the early 1800s to the astronauts and military heroines of today. A wide range of […]

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Spandau Ballet to perform in space on Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise

Picture credit – Rex Features I have it on good authority that Spandau Ballet will be the first band to perform in space on Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise. The band will perform outside the Earth’s atmosphere when commercial flights begin on Sir Richard Branson’s new commercial spacecraft, Enterprise, unveiled Tuesday.  Spandau Ballet will have five minutes of […]

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A review of 2010 calendars

There are a lot of 2010 calendars around produced by the aviation industry and some of them with barely an aircraft in the foreground. Ryanair’s cabin crew stripped off, as have the VivaAerobus ladies, all in the name of charity. You can help Help for Heroes, a charity for those that have been badly wounded in Britain’s […]

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VIDEO: Virgin Atlantic goes easy like a Sunday morning

The Virgin Atlantic lounge at London’s Gatwick Airport has unveiled a newly refurbished  ”Clubhouse” with a “Sunday morning feel”. It features an internal rock garden and a Cowshed Spa offering massages or manicures and pedicures using its natural products and showering facilities. Here’s a video about the launch:   Virgin Atlantic also has a Clubhouse at Heathrow Airport. 

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VIDEO: The world’s largest sprig of mistletoe at Heathrow Terminal 5

If you need an excuse to get in the romantic mood this festive season why not head down to Heathrow Terminal 5, where the worlds largest sprig of mistletoe has been unveiled. The ten foot by eight foot structure took three weeks to construct and weighs an impressive 43kg. For those scrooges among you that […]

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