Spandau Ballet to perform in space on Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise

Spandau-Ballet-1.jpg Picture credit – Rex Features

I have it on good authority that Spandau Ballet will be the first band to perform in space on Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise.

The band will perform outside the Earth’s atmosphere when commercial flights begin on Sir Richard Branson’s new commercial spacecraft, Enterprise, unveiled Tuesday

Spandau Ballet will have five minutes of weightlessness to perform one of their hits, which will include either ‘I’ll Fly For You’, according to founding member Steve Norman, ‘Gold’ or ‘True’.

Six passengers and two pilots are permitted on board, cameras, microphones and equipment will all be automated and operated from Earth.

Spandau Ballet are currently celebrating a reunion and 30th anniversary with a world tour.

But at Flightglobal we’ve thought of more topically intergalactic performers like David Bowie performing Starman and Space Oddity, or Elton John with his Rocket Man. Babylon Zoo to sing Spaceman or even Sarah Brightman singing I Lost My Heart To A Star Ship Trooper.

If you were one of the passengers on board who would you like to perform for you?



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2 Responses to Spandau Ballet to perform in space on Virgin Galactic’s Enterprise

  1. Wayne 14 January, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    So Spandau are performing on Sir Richard Branson’s spacecraft! This would explain the massive start that Spandau had with votes on the Virgin Media Awards, “Best Comeback of 2009″
    I’ll let you know what Trading Standards thoughts are on this issue!

  2. Wayne 15 January, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    We have 7612 members voting for The Specials in the Virgin media awards plus The Specials fans from various other groups who are also voting, compared to 113 Spandau Ballet fans voting. Does it not strike you as being rather strange that Spandau Ballet have been leading the way in the voting and that they are now looking like they are going to overtake The Specials again? 7612 getting beat by 113 just didn’t make any sense to me until I stumbled across this article. Now it all makes perfect sense! RIGGED VOTING? I think so, don’t you?
    Perhaps you may be able to ask a spokesperson for Virgin Media to comment before we consider stepping up our campaign and get the National Media involved in our concerns..

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