American Airlines Unveils “Black History in Aviation” Online Museum

One day after Continental Airlines named a 737 after Captain Marlon Gray, who became the first African-American pilot hired by a major US airline, American Airlines unveiled its “Black History in Aviation” online museum.

(If you’re wondering about the influx of US airlines honoring African-Americans, February is African-American History month in the US.)

AA Black History in Aviation.jpgOne of the profiled individuals is Captain David Harris, who AA says “was the first African American in the cockpit for a major passenger airline”. That seems to contradict Continental’s claim, but Continental was the first to hire an African-American pilot (the pilot, Marlon Green, eventually joined in 1966) while AA was the first to have an African-American pilot fly.

Here’s a video of Captain Harris discussing his career and life now.

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2 Responses to American Airlines Unveils “Black History in Aviation” Online Museum

  1. eddie moore 14 February, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    its nice to see black pilots in america there are no black piolts in the uk england
    is still very racist it makes me very sad when i was a little boy i wanted to be a pliot even today in the 21 centry british airways is a very racist airline they will not give black people a chance even the R.A.F is very racist you are so bleesed

  2. A. BARRAN 8 July, 2010 at 8:54 pm #

    I am of East Indian descent from the Caribbean my son is in college and flight school he has acquired a few if the license necessary to become a commercial pilot. The only set back is a lot a people are telling us that would not be possible for him to become a pilot here in America. The only reason is because he is colored person. He was born here and I hope this county has come far enough not to discriminate anymore in that field, seeing this story is a plus.

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