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Qantas A380 Lego

Lego A380 to go to “Lego Olympics”

Photo via Gizmodo Last month we wrote about one man’s Qantas A380 Lego replica, complete with a touch screen computer to move wheels and other parts.Now the Sydney Morning Herald reports: After his model earned top prize at Brickvention, Australia’s premier Lego convention, the father-of-two is set to take on the international competition at Lego’s […]

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Handbrake turn in an Il-76

While this footage of a departing Il-76, and the accompanying commentary, is widely-known, the video below is probably less so. Can’t say I know much about the incident, except that the aircraft is RA-86863 and information on Russian websites suggests the landing took place in Pskov. Forty seconds in, it all gets a bit agricultural.  

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Singapore Airlines A330

Baby Named “SQ” After Being Born on Singapore Air Flight

AirSpace user John1958 In 2008 a baby was born on a Finnair flight. And last year when a baby was born on an AirAsia flight, the mother and baby received free flights for life from AirAsia.This time it’s the parents honouring the airline. According to Gulf News, a Filipina migrant worker from Dubai gave birth […]

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UAL boarding pass.png

How to Design a Better Boarding Pass

Does the design of boarding passes bother you?Like really, really, really bother you?You’re not alone.The Boarding Pass / Fail blog shows examples of ugly boarding passes and how to make them better. (I think it’s the best aviation website since the Delta boarding pass as an example. Before:After: (Louie Manta) There are also more […]

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And they’re off…. a round-the-world record attempt has begun

Italian pilot Riccardo Mortara and Romanian Nicolae Buzaianu set off today at 06.30 GMT from Geneva on a mission to set the record for the fastest flight around the world. The current world record is held by the late Steve Fossett who completed the course in his Virgin GlobalFlyer in 2005 in this same category, […]

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For those of you watching in black and white…

The Flight archives are a real gem of a resource and every now and again, it makes me smile. The 26 March 1910 issue has amused me because of the caption at the end. See for yourself.  

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Lunokhod-2 found 37 years later by lunar expert

A Canadian lunar expert has discovered the whereabouts of the long-lost lunar rover Lunokhod-2. It was sent up to the Moon in January 1973 by the then Soviet Union, and landed at the Monnier crater disappearing after covering 35km (21miles) and sending back images of moon rocks and craters. Lunokhod 2 carried an X-ray telescope, a soil-analysis spectrometer […]

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Phoenix diagram.jpg

Surveillance features in the Flight International archives

Ahead of next week’s magazine which will feature surveillance, I’ve been digging around the archive for older articles on the topic. This one, dated 17-23 March 2000 is about: “Australian acquisition of strategic unmanned air vehicles may raise the stakes in South-East Asia, but could help develop military transparency in the region if surveillance data is […]

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Kuban Airlines 2.jpg

Russia’s Kuban Rebrands With Sunflowers

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Russia’?Chances are sunflowers aren’t one of them.But that’s exactly the motif sported on Kuban’s new livery, designed by UK-based Honour Branding. The livery appears on two B737s leased from ILFC, Honour Branding says. The B737s are at East Midlands Airport awaiting to fly back to […]

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On This Day March 1.jpg

New Section: On This Day in Aviation History

Today’s entry for On This Day in Aviation History. View the section here. Today is the launch of our newest section: On This Day in Aviation History.This is a open-course and crowd-source listing of historical aviation events in a Wiki-style format. You can add information, photos, correct any inaccuracies (gasp!), or create new entries.This project […]

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