Surveillance features in the Flight International archives

Ahead of next week’s magazine which will feature surveillance, I’ve been digging around the archive for older articles on the topic.

This one, dated 17-23 March 2000 is about: “Australian acquisition of strategic unmanned air vehicles may raise the stakes in South-East Asia, but could help develop military transparency in the region if surveillance data is shared”


31 March-6 April 1993 – again, from Australia, the government “has a major contract to award to general-avaition operations involving aircraft and surveillance equipment. Examining past Coastwatch operations, Paul Phelan wonders what it will he worth to the winners”


Almost a decade of protracted development and contract award the GEC Marconi Avionics Pheonix UAV is about to enter service. Simon Elliott describes the aircraft developed to replace the fleet of Canadair C1.-89 Midge UAVs. Below is a diagram that shows follwoing a completed mission, recovery is by parachute, with the UAV inverting before impact and landing on its back to protect the mission pod. 

Phoenix diagram.jpg


In 1993 Flight wrote about lighter-than-air vehicles being used as high technology surveillance communications tools. This article looks at the advantages.


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