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VIDEO: Southwest Airlines presents the making of Florida One

The Florida one, the latest multicoloured wonder of an aircraft from Southwest Airlines, showcases how vibrant the airline industry can be by showcasing its funky new livery in under 3 minutes: One thing is for sure; Florida One is definitely unique. I am not sure even the artist could reproduce that. Words: Georgia Ray

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VIDEO: Attack of the multi-million dollar space balloon

You know its not your day when your expensive balloon launch goes walkabout in the outback:  Read more from ABC News

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lapcat comparison 747.jpg

VIDEO: LAPCAT hypersonic airliner animation

Here is UK company Reaction Engines’ animation of its A2 hypersonic airliner concept that would fly at Mach 5. Below is a still from the video…. Reaction Engines‘  designed the A2 for the European Union’s European Space Agency managed Long-Term Advanced Propulsion Concepts and Technologies, or LAPCAT, project.

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On this day in 2005: Airbus A380 made its maiden flight from Toulouse

Time flies in this ever-changing aviation landscape and a massive symbol of that change has reached an anniversary today. In April 27, 2005, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, took its maiden flight from Toulouse with 6 test crew members, flying for almost four hours and circling the Bay of Biscay before retuning to […]

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What does the ash cloud event mean for the aviation industry?

The dust is settling (excuse the pun) on last week’s ash cloud story and despite some airspace still being affected by the continuing ash in the air, it is clear that two main issues will stay with the industry for longer. Namely, who should pay compensation to the passengers of these flights and were governments […]

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On this day in 1988: Kanellos Kanellopoulos recreates mythical flight of the Daedalus, by flying a pedal-powered aircraft

Kanellos Kanellopoulos unintentionally recreated the mythical Greek story of Daedalus and Icarus, whose wings of feathers and wax melted in the sun’s heat. The MIT Daedalus was created by the staff and students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, their target to break the distance (of 74 miles) world record in a man-powered aircraft. However, in a […]

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Lufthansa Gray Powell.jpg

Lufthansa Offers Free Trip To Loser of Demo iPhone

Lufthansa’s letter to Gray Powell, via Lufthansa_USA Witty and with-it marketing campaigns are usually the domain of a handful of carriers known for their flair, and are frequently LCCs. (I’m thinking the bet between Sir Richard Branson and Tony Fernandes where the loser dresses up as a flight attendant, or anything Ryanair related.)But Lufthansa has […]

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ASH CLOUD: Flightglobal’s coverage of the volcano story

Today’s been a busy old day in the Flightglobal team. Here’s a list of some of the highlights from this developing story: Volcanic ash: who says flying’s not safe? ASH CLOUD: European airlines ponder compensation call ASH CLOUD LIVE: IATA furious at ‘theoretical’ basis for airspace closures ASH CLOUD LIVE: ATC services eye 20 April […]

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Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways Advises Passengers Of “Personal Security Services”

Flickr User ThreeForty Pending no delay due to volcanic ash, Saturday should see the resumption of London-Baghdad flights on Iraqi Airways with an 11am departure from Gatwick’s South Terminal.Iraqi Airways shut down following the 1991 Gulf War and regular services resumed in 2005. Iraqi Airways has a fleet of 16 aircraft, including An-26, B737s, B747, […]

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ANIMATION: Volcano ash empties UK airspace

Data from around 06:30 today (15 April) shows a virtual absence of aircraft in the northern UK as a result of restrictions on air traffic. A big thank you to the Planeplotter and John Locker for this great graphic highlighting the quietness above.

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