Biman Considers Scrapping New Livery

Barely two months, Biman’s new livery could be scrapped and replaced with its previous one, the Daily Star reports. Apparently “the new livery does not represent Bangladesh well”, the paper reports.

Bangladesh’s cabinet made the decision 30 March and is now awaiting Biman’s board to agree. Biman is the state-owned carrier of Bangladesh.

The most contentious issue appears to be the new version of the Balaka crane, Biman’s logo. On the old livery (now the new new livery) the Balaka was featured prominently on the tail whereas on the new (now old) livery an abstract version is depicted.

The new livery also dropped red and green cheatlines in favour of an all-white fuselage. Additionally the old livery had “BIMAN BANGLADESH” in block capital letters while the new livery had a giant “bangladesh” in a wavy font. The livery was inaugurated on February 3 by none other than Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The Daily Star reports four aircraft have the new livery while eight have the previous livery.

Our AirSpace photographer Allan captured Biman’s B777-200 in the new livery and has also made a mock-up of what it will look like in the old livery:

New livery (February and March 2010)

Biman 777 New Livery

Mock-up of the carrier’s old-now-new liveryBiman 777 Old Livery

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