Failed aircraft – a collection of turkeys

25 August issue in 1993 Flight reported that the BD-10, a supersonic kit-built private jet-aircraft is being developed for a role as an unmanned military target drone. A two-seat aircraft resembled a miniature McDonnell Douglas F-15, and was touted as having international potential as a subsonic and supersonic target drone.

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Flight International introduced the idea of the Cessna Skyhook back in 1985. Writer Karen Walker suggested that it looked “like something out of a science fiction movie–a giant crane that snatches aircraft out of the sky and tucks them into undercover hangars”.

She reported that sceptics say the idea of SkyHook is  far-fetched, but British Aerospace argues differently. Two men in particular, BAe test pilot Heinz Frick and SkyHook project manager Diggy Mottram, were convinced of the SkyHook’s potential.

Walker wrote: “They are the men behind its design and they are pushing its advantages, not least the added flexibility it could give to an already versatile aircraft such as the Sea Harrier.”

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  1. GL 14 April, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    Umm Cessna Skyhook seems to be a helicopter, while that Skyhook is a crane for Harriers.

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