Frontier’s Animals Could Go Extinct on April 13

Frontier A319

AirSpace user Global Ranger

Besides British Airways’ ill-fated World Colours scheme, there has been no other livery as unique as Frontier Airlines’ “A Whole Different Animal”.

Each of the carrier’s 51 Airbus A320 family aircraft sports a different animal–”spokesanimals”–on the tail. (You can read here how the animal decal gets applied.)

Last month rumors started circulating that as part of Republic Airways’ acquisition of Frontier and also Midwest, Republic would introduce a single brand that could see its spokesanimals go extinct.  

There were lots of barks and quacks, including a rally in Denver and a 5500 member Facebook group to save the creatures. (By comparison, Frontier’s official Facebook page only has 800 more members.) But now news comes out that Republic will unveil its new brand on April 13 with events in Denver, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee.

Needing a unified brand is a valid claim, but if the spokesanimals go the way of BA’s World Colours, they will surely be missed.


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