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On this day in 1979: DC-10 crashes American Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashes at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

An American Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago during take-off, killing all 259 passengers, 13 crew and two people on the ground. The aircraft type was grounded across the US. Other articles in the archive on the safety of the DC-10: DC-10: Europeans decide….  (whether to take the unprecedented step of restoring […]

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On this day in 1930: Amy Johnson became the first woman to successfully fly from England to Australia

English woman Amy Johnson landed in Darwin, Northern Territory, becoming the first woman to successfully fly from England to Australia. Flight reported the success in its pages on 30 May issue. We wrote: “Her pluck and her unexpected skill have captured the public imagination to an unprecedented degree. In herself she is a modest but […]

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Ash cloud Cessna engine damage conspiracy dispelled

A quick blog post to dispel some ash cloud-related rumors which are spreading like wild fire at the moment. The following images were taken of a German registered Cessna Citation Jet (D-IEFA), which suffered an uncontained event in the left engine during a flight from Stuttgart to Bremen.The aircraft returned to Stuttgart and landed without […]

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VIDEO: RAF Museum unveils plans for Battle of Britain Beacon

The Royal Air Force considers the Battle of Britain fought over Britain between the 10th July and 31st October 1940, as the most important event in its history. The Battle of Britain was so called after prime minister, at the time Winston Churchill said in the House of Commons: “The Battle of France is over. I […]

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Have World Cup, Have Airline Marketing Subversion

Emirates may be the official sponsor of the World Cup, but that hasn’t stopped other airlines–who cannot promote the World Cup–from quietly giving support to and promotion of soccer’s (football’s) biggest event.In 2006 Lufthansa painted the nose cone of an A340 to replicate a soccer ball (football) and now British Airways has joined in with […]

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On this day in 2006: Armavia A320 crashes in to Black Sea

On this day at 14:15, Amemian airline Armavia flight 967 missed its arrival in Sochi airport, due to poor weather conditions. The Airbus A320 crash-landed as it attempted to make a second approach, and hurtled into the Black Sea, along the Russian coast, killing the total of 113 people on board. Air traffic control had said there had been […]

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