Have World Cup, Have Airline Marketing Subversion

Emirates may be the official sponsor of the World Cup, but that hasn’t stopped other airlines–who cannot promote the World Cup–from quietly giving support to and promotion of soccer’s (football’s) biggest event.

In 2006 Lufthansa painted the nose cone of an A340 to replicate a soccer ball (football) and now British Airways has joined in with its A319 G-EUPX bearing a soccer ball on its nose.

Yannick Delamarre captured these photos of G-EUPX at London Heathrow last week.


geupx_9120.jpggeupx_9210.jpgWhile these tactics are subvert promotion, the same cannot be said for South African carrier Kulula, who World Cup organiser FIFA reprimanded in March for its not very subvert promotions of the World Cup.


2 Responses to Have World Cup, Have Airline Marketing Subversion

  1. Scoreboard 17 May, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

    The BA plane was painted to mark the delivery of the English bid documents for the 2018 World Cup to Zurich, rather than directly related to the 2010 competition.

  2. Will Horton 17 May, 2010 at 10:12 pm #

    Hmm. Emirates is a World Cup sponsor until 2014. Not sure if promoting the 2018 World Cup while Emirates still has the sponsorship is subvert marketing?

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