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Flying Car A Reality

What’s that? It is a plane, is it a car? Well, it’s both. Remember those childhood dreams you had of flying in your car. Careering at speed down the road, and then suddenly a super-engine comes out the back, and you blast off into the skies, avoiding the traffic below. Well, this vehicle comes quite […]

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PICTURES: Captured beasts and fallen trophies: Harrier and Jaguar at London’s Tate Britain

Artist Fiona Banner unveiled her latest exhibition yesterday at the Tate Britain, of two decommissioned fighter aircraft models of aircraft the Sea Harrier and the Sepecat Jaguar. Banner, who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2002, is better-known in the art world for her “wordscapes”, or hand-written and printed texts that retell in her own words entire […]

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PICTURE: John Travolta arriving in South Africa for the World Cup

Pilot and actor John Travolta flew into Lanseria, South Africa, in his Boeing 707 from Buenos Aires into the ExecuJet facility. With him were wife Kelly Preston, and daughter Ella, to support the Australian national team in the World Cup. ExecuJet South Africa is set to do record business during June and July. Its FBO facility […]

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On this day in 1946: Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing bomber performs first flight

In the Flight archives Flight reported on the first flight of the Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing aircraft in Hawthorne California.  

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On this day in 1997: Kamov Ka-52 Alligator performs first flight

Flight reported at the time that the Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopter, built at the Arsenyev Progress production plant in Russia, which flew for the first time today in 1997, would be flown in battlefield reconnaissance, target identification, distribution and hand-off roles. It is a two-seat variant of the Hokum equipped with the Phazotron FH-01 Arbalet (Crossbow) millimetre-wave […]

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On this day in 1982: Volcanic ash brought down a 747 at Jakarta

It was on this day in 1982 that the world learned, in dramatic fashion, precisely what kind of damage tropopausal volcanic ash can do to an aircraft. Case study: When volcanic ash brought down a 747 In the archive: the original article: “I don’t believe it… all four [engines] have failed…” Capt Eric Moody, pilot-incommand […]

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Spirit’s BP Sale

I wrote on the Airline Business blog last week that Spirit Airlines, known for its cheeky promotions, started offerings “strikingly” low fares once the company and its pilots had reached a tentative labor agreement.Well today Spirit launched another corny promotion advertising the airline’s leisure destinations, titled “Check Out the Oil on Our Beaches.” As one […]

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Interview with Virgin Galactic’s Will Whitehorn has an interesting interview with Virgin Galactic President Will Whitehorn. Whitehorn had been with Virgin for over two decades. He frequently worked alongside Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, which earned him the title as Branson’s right-hand man, although Whitehorn plays down the nickname.In the interview Whitehorn talks about the early days of the Virgin […]

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What do breast implants, €100,000 and Swiss Air have in common?

Russian model Irene Ferrari brought her seat back to the upright and locked position and stowed and secured her tray table, but she never thought to check another device: her breast implants.The turbulence on her Swiss International Airlines flight was so strong it caused her size F breast implant to hit the seat in front […]

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ILA 2010: A view of the static

This video is only a taster of the amount of aircraft on display at ILA 2010 (find a full list here). You can find images of the aircraft on our images section and the rest of the news from the show on our ILA show page.

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