Passengers Get Picky About Complaints

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Airline customer complaints have ranged from the absurd (holder of winning lotto ticket expecting mid-flight cash out from Ryanair) to worthy (United Airlines breaking a guitar).

Now one group of frequent flyers from American Airlines have set about to make a list of what they deem “the stupidest, least substantive thing you can complain about”.

Some highlights include:

What were they thinking putting the F check-in counters at DFW A&C to the left of the Coach ones??? With security to the right, that means it’s their best and most loyal customers who have to walk the extra 20 steps to get to the gates.

Those tiny white plastic salt shakers in F which apparently contain no salt. If they do actually contain something, the one tiny hole is so small that no salt can escape.I have this recurring fantasy in which I smuggle my DeWalt 18v cordless drill and a 1/8″ bit past TSA and onto an AA flight, so that I can modify the shaker and get some salt onto my salad. But the fantasy is pre-empted by the reality of stopping by Burger King on the way to the gate to steal a couple of paper salt & pepper packets.

More specifically, I’m outraged, OUTRAGED, I tell you when I get what appears to be a spearmint candy from the bowl as I dash out to catch my flight, you know, to freshen my breath a little, only to find it is sour apple flavored. green and white candies should be spearmint; red and white should be peppermint. These deceptively colored candies should NOT be sickly sweet fruit flavored candies….

But all of these complaints are grounded on serious observations and slight concern. American Airlines may not be able to change overnight major problems like ratty interiors, but fixing a number of small things could go a long way with its passengers. If American “knows why you fly”, will it take heed to these suggestions?

What small things irk you, on American or any other airline?

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